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Whether it is a commercial or a recreational area, safety should be the prime concern. And EPDM rubber surfacing is a solution to deal with playground accidents, damp surfaces, dull looks, etc. Also, EPDM Rubber is the perfect option for runners who want a non-slippery surface or run or walk over. A well-built quality surfacing system provides equal opportunity to athletes. A safe landing surface enhances the performance, creating a healthy atmosphere for the players. Traditional surfacing like asphalt shingles, mud coatings, etc. not only causes injuries but also limits the capacities. Tampa Bay Safety Surfacing provides high-quality safety surfacing products with years of guarantee. Besides EPDM Rubber, we offer various kinds of safety surfacing services throughout the state. To know more, contact us.

Tampa Bay Safety Surfacing-EPDM Rubber

EPDM Rubber

Rubber has always been the popular choice of customers. Not only is the material durable but also elastic and flexible. The design and the construction are the reason for their long-lasting functioning. Its aesthetic value continues to be there unless the system is replaced or removed. EPDM is the Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer; this particular type of material is known for its resistance and durability. By incorporating it into rubber, it becomes way more advantageous than the traditional crumb rubber.

Usually, for the people living in disaster-ridden areas, quality surfacing becomes a necessity. Nobody can compromise the precious lives of their close ones. The artificial safety surfacing can be the best answer to such issues. Furthermore, it also gives a professional touch to the place. For industries and resorts, it is important to give an attractive look to the place. And synthetic surfacing solves the purpose for the same.

An edge over the traditional surfacing

The use of traditional surfacing has decreased to a great extent in recent years. Also, the process involved in cleaning and managing the old surfaces is yet time-consuming. In many cases, natural surfacing such as artificial turf causes allergies like hay fever.

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Other than that, many skin infections have been reported in children playing on natural grounds. So it is wise enough to choose the best quality product beforehand. Artificial safety surfacing has a wide range of applications: 

  • It is highly preferred for school playgrounds, golf clubs, gyms, running tracks, dog parks, water parks, etc.
  • It can be easily applied over any rough surface like asphalt, gravel, stone, or mud.
  • This versatile system has a wide range of commercial as well as residential applications.

Safety Surfacing products allow people to walk without slipping or falling. It provides a fine grip on the surface. Even if compared to PVC or vinyl flooring, it exceeds its safety and strength. Moreover, it is a practical solution to many health-related issues. If interested, reach us to proceed further.

Benefits of EPDM Rubber

Some of the benefits which artificial rubber surfacing brings along are:

The safety surfacing products easily withstand extremes of conditions. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays, burning summers, heavy rains, etc. Hence last longer than traditional flooring. For further information, contact us.

It saves your money by eliminating the cost of frequent repairs. Also, it is a durable option in the long run. It doesn’t experience wear and tears with time. Moreover, we offer services at low prices for customer satisfaction. Call us now and get free cost estimates.

It is a completely safe and non-toxic surfacing, suitable for playgrounds, gardens, sports areas, etc. safety surfacing is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of the children. Although it’s not possible to completely eradicate unwanted happenings at playing grounds, it can be reduced considerably.

It is important for a place to look as efficient as one invests in it. Artificial rubber surfacing gives a natural taste to the surfacing system, ensuring it stands out in grace and beauty. Moreover, its noise-absorbing surface provides you with a peaceful and serene environment.

Statistics have shown that it can last for more than 20 years if managed properly. It doesn’t need regular cleaning, grooming, and repairing. Further, customers can avail of the benefits of implied guarantee and warranty by enrolling on our services.

Due to the high coefficient of friction, it provides a stable and cushion-like landing surface. It gives people the freedom to play, run and jump without worrying about fractures, dislocations, and knee pain.

The huge production or even disposal doesn’t harm the environment. Due to its recyclable nature, it completely degrades after a defined period without leaving any toxic residues. It is a highly sustainable and feasible safety surfacing product.

Why should you choose us?

Customers have been choosing us because of our knowledgeable and experienced staff. We have been providing 99% customer satisfaction for years. We work hard to deliver exceptional results. Our team possesses a combination of expertise and competency that makes us stand out in the competition. Know the following features to dig deeper.

Certified products: Our products are tested and certified, providing quality assurance to the customers. We meet the required qualification criteria before selling our services. We follow strict privacy policies to eliminate cybercrimes. Our clients trust us and rely on us for their needs.

Skilled and trained staff: Our working team is highly educated, skilled, and trained. They have the capabilities to establish, manage, and maintain the surfacing products smoothly. Also, our members are quite punctual and dedicated to their job. So, hurry up to get the best assistance and opportunity to grab the benefits of our services.

Worldwide recognition: We are recognized globally for our best quality products and friendly dealing. Our company always tries its best to reach out to the expectations of its clients. Don’t wait and call us to get your surfacing project done in the shortest possible duration.

For any query, call us, we never satisfy our customers with surface-level answers. Our team will take you through every important aspect of this amazing EPDM Rubber surfacing project. So, don’t miss out.