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Synthetic grass is a durable, natural-looking surfacing system designed for playgrounds, professional sports, and other recreational places. Unlike natural surfacing, it requires a little attention and care. Although Synthetic Grass costs you more than the natural one, it is still a good long-term investment. Proper installation of the safety surfacing can give you over a decade of maintenance-free lies. Due to its huge benefits, it is gaining popularity throughout the world. It is the best solution to playground accidents occurring daily.

Safety Surfacing has proven to be a safer and a secure system than any other conventional system. Further, Tampa Bay Safety Surfacing is a leading provider of safety surfacing products and services. We have an experienced, skilled, and trustworthy team. Customers have widely used our top safety surfacing products throughout the international market. To get cost estimates and further details, contact us.

Tampa Bay Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass Safety Surfacing: An ideal choice

Artificial surfacing systems have a wide number of applications. No matter how uneven the surface is, the installation process always goes easy with expert workmanship. There are various options available in the layering system, don’t wait to get it customized.

Also, Synthetic Surfacing is accessible to all regardless of age group. The underlying padded layer provides a smooth and safe landing to the players. Several factors that need to be considered are depth, density, area, etc.

Benefits of Synthetic Grass

The versatility of an artificial system is the reason why it fits every ground. It also eliminates mud spots and the dead look of natural grass. The following are a few of the hundred benefits of artificial safety surfacing:

It is composed of tough, weather-resistant material which can easily hold unfavorable climates. It is hard for any other traditional surfacing to match the durability of artificial safety surfacing. In the case of asphalt, dust, or mud surface, frequent repair and replacement become a necessity. Also, it costs you even more during heavy rain, hail storms, or any other natural calamity.

People usually have misconceptions like artificial surfacing harms the environment, causes pollution, etc. In reality, the manufacturing companies construct the material in such a manner that it suits nature as well as humans. Artificial grass surfacing consists of 100% recycled material, and of course, eco-friendly in nature. Hence, the best option to go with.

Quality always comes with the cost, of course. Artificial grass surfacing is not only a long-term investment but also a professional approach towards business upgrading. Our clients who have invested in the same have a competitive edge over others. Our company offers safety surfacing services at reasonable rates. If interested in availing of the benefits, contact us now.

Synthetic Grass adds value to the place and probably offers a better picture of the surroundings. And if it is a resort or an industry, it would definitely attract more customers. Hence, it is an excellent solution to increase business profitability and marketability.

With the development of artificial surfacing, the number of daily playground accidents has come down. Researchers have found this way more effective than the conventional one.

In contrast to natural surfacing, synthetic surfacing doesn’t require fertilizers, pesticides, or other stimulants. Also, traditional systems like mud, dirt, dust, asphalt, etc. surfacing encourages the growth of various disease-causing microbes. But this is not the case with synthetic surfacing products. Other than Synthetic Grass, we offer various Safety Surfacing services such as rubber tiles, bonded rubber, pour-in-place rubber, synthetic turf, etc. So, it’s time to upscale the playgrounds with a professional touch. Contact us to get started.

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Why not choose natural grass surfacing?

Besides affecting the respiratory system, natural grass is also responsible for many skin infections. It easily allows the fungus to grow over its surface, especially during rainy seasons. But such problems are not seen in the case of artificial surfacing. It provides a clean, healthy, and disease-free environment to play, jump or walk.

In addition to this, it doesn’t fade away with time. Whether it is for recreational or commercial purposes, it fits everywhere. Undoubtedly, it is tough for the traditional system to compete with the countless benefits of synthetic surfacing. Give it a thought and book an appointment with us

Tampa Bay Safety Surfacing

We aim to provide the best-quality safety surfacing solutions to your place. Our expert team will make an all-out effort to exceed your expectations. We have the ability and resources to accomplish the goals of our clients. No matter what type of layering you desire, we, in your state, are your trusted resource. Here are some reasons to know why you should prefer us: 

Guaranteed products: We offer years of guarantee for the satisfaction of our clients. Although artificial surfacing systems are maintenance-free, our team is ever-ready to solve it in case some issue arises. So just don’t wait to stay one step ahead of the completion.

Privacy policy: We have a well-defined set of policies. We take the responsibility to protect all the information safe and confidential. Moreover, we serve legally verified products and services. Customer satisfaction has always been our priority.

Experienced and skilled team: We collaborate closely with our customers throughout the project. Our company takes pride in its workmanship. We strive for quality products and continuous improvement. This leads to better strategies and manufacturing of outputs.

Our clients never regret buying our services. Also, our company handles various kinds of safety surfacing projects. We are focused on evaluating quality products and serving customers in the best possible ways. So, experience all the benefits of safe synthetic surfaces and choose the best surfacing solution for your project.

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